Meet the team

Illu inc. strives to be the leader in the construction of energy-efficient buildings in Nunavut. We have assembled a team with an interdisciplinary background so that we can generate new insights that can deliver the kind of value that our clients demand. 


Cynthia is the managing director of illu. She has been pivotal in the growth and expansion of Illu inc. from a real estate company to boutique hotel accommodation and more recently in research and development (R&D)  initiatives in renewable energy solutions.  Ms. Ene, a Professionally Accredited  Engineer and Executive MBA, has several years of professional work experience in managing large infrastructure projects in Canada’s Arctic. Ms. Ene is well versed in the Nunavut regulatory process, northern project logistics, project management and overseeing budgets for large infrastructure projects.


Cynthia Ene

Mr. Mazino works as the manager for special projects at Illu inc. He is actively involved in managing new and ongoing research and development (R&D) projects and logistics efforts for the company. Mr. Amuno is currently a PhD candidate in the School of Technology, Engineering and Design (TED) at the University of Tasmania, Hobart, Australia. He brings to the team a combined interdisciplinary experience of over 8years from the field of geosciences, management information systems, e-logistics and supply management. His expertise is in the area of project lifecycle management and knowledge optimization through the development of reference information models.

Mazino Amuno

  Special Projects - Manager
Ms. Paolik Evetalegak manages the day-to-day activities at Illu inc. and ensures the smooth operations of the business in the areas of  book keeping, record keeping & billing, marketing, personnel, logistics, and client engagement.


Alice Paolik Evetalegak


Operations Manager
Ms. Kaiyogana is passionate about promoting the use of renewables in her home territory of Nunavut. Ms. Kaiyogana works as a project manager on our renewable technology projects and really champions efforts to connect with the local community. Her role includes developing relationships with various community groups and agencies in the region and fostering engagement efforts with the community stakeholders. 

Haoki Kaiyogana


Project Manager

Brent Evetalegak

Brent was born and raised in the community of Cambridge Bay and is excited to develop local capabilities in renewable technologies. He hopes one day to see more Nunavummiut utilize renewable technologies in their homes and cabins.
Assistant - Project Manager 

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